The Content Blockchain Initiative has been nominated as one of the 24 finalists of the ‘EIC Prize Blockchain for Social Good‘. 

“The Content Blockchain is an open initiative and decentralized blockchain network tailored to the specific needs of the digital media content ecosystem …” Read the full summary of our proposal and work

On 10 Feb 2020, we presented Content Blockchain at the finalists’ day in Brussels. Over the coming weeks the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative by the Digital Single Market of the European Commission will award the next generation of blockchain innovators. 

[Update 2020-06-30] On the 30st of June 2020, the European Commission came to a decision: Congratulations to the winner teams!

This is the transcript of our short presentation.

Hi Everyone! Digital media content fills the Internet.

People love to publish and share their images, videos and opinions on websites, blogs and on social media.

But despite the fact that the internet itself is decentralized, only a limited number of popular applications benefit from the content generated by creative individuals and other users.

It is the same with professional digital media content online – only a few centralized retailers and platforms control the terms, supply and demand, access to content, user accounts, data and communication.

The current internet has a problem: this concentration of power and data.

Now blockchain has the potential to change this situation.

In the context of digital media, blockchain will trigger innovation for the benefit of creative individuals and media professionals – and in particular for the benefit of the general public:

Decentralized apps will support self-sovereign identity to ensure transparency and to ensure control over content and data.



Content Blockchain is an Open Blockchain Media Ecosystem. We are a non-for-profit initiative and we provide infrastructure; a network, that is governed by its users and developed for their needs.

Furthermore, we are working on new and open blockchain-agnostic standards for content identification, licensing and the attribution of content to rights holders.

We are proud that our ISCC – the International Standard Content Code, a decentralized identifier for digital content – has been accepted as a preliminary work item by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.

Our new infrastructure will attract developers and start-ups to participate and build amazing user applications and services on top of it.


The Content Blockchain Network is designed to support transactions that deal with content in many ways.

Users can time-stamp and notarize their content; they can validate content integrity; or they can search and find content which is certified and attested – so that it is possible to use content according to the terms that have been defined by its original creator.

This is Content Blockchain.