At ‘Boekhandel Hijman Ongerijmd’ in Arnhem (NL) you will not only find a nice bookshop run by friendly booksellers, but you can also pay for books with Bitcoin.

In the context of an ambitious campaign “Arnhem Bitcoinstad – ‘s Werelds meest Bitcoin vriendelijke stad”, a few Bitcoin enthusiasts made the city a Bitcoin experimentation hub. At least for me. Check it out:

Paying with Bitcoin is as easy as you can imagine. Opening two apps (one from the bookseller, one on my phone), scanning a QR-code, done! The bookshop can either convert the revenue into EUR or keep the Bitcoin.

No bank involved. Direkt payment from peer to peer. No fees for the bookshop.

Only the mining has to be paid for by the buyer while sending the money (in order for the transaction to be processed). For today’s transaction (15. April 2017) I paid 0,0017 BTC (0,44 EUR) on mining costs. And this will probably not get any cheaper. We will see how this aspect of Bitcoin will develop in the near future.

Anyway, it was fun!

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