The Content Blockchain Project is the winner of the ‘digital publishing award’ 2019 in the category ‘startups’. The collaborative initiative has been awarded in recognition for its ambition to trigger digital innovation in the publishing industry by promoting a blockchain infrastructure dedicated to media content. The project also provides tools and standards with immediate utility for publishers that want to engage with decentralized ledger technology.

The ‘digital publishing award’ is hosted under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The jury, among them Google Deutschland, WDR, Springer Gabler, Media Lab Bayern and other industry experts gave the following rationale for their decision:

“The Content Blockchain is an open and decentralized ecosystem to manage, identify, and interact with digital content and user licenses. A core element is the International Standard Content Code ( ), which is comparable to traditional identifiers from the media world such as ISBN, ISSN or ISRC is. The ISCC can be generated from the digital content such as images, text or videos free of charge and by anyone with the help of easy-to-use applications. The identifiers and related machine-readable license terms can be registered on a publicly accessible blockchain network.

The jury praises the initiative as one of the few blockchain projects to have an immediate utility for the publishing industry. Should publishers join the initiative, success is very likely, and this could positively change the market as a whole.”

About the ‘digital publishing award’

The ‘digital publishing award’ honors innovations in the field of digital publishing. The award honors outstanding products, processes or business models for publishers (trade book publishers, non-fiction publishers, corporate publishers) and media companies from other industries. The winners of the ‘digital publishing award’ are to be exposed and honoured as outstanding examples to lead ways into the digital future. It is awarded under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

About the Content Blockchain Project

The Content Blockchain Project is initiating an open and decentralized blockchain ecosystem dedicated to media content that is operated and owned by the industry itself.

It is the goal of the initiative to create a decentralized, global, digital infrastructure for the creative community to discover, register, navigate, offer, sell and license digital media content and otherwise exchange value over the network.

The project addresses authors, photographers, journalists, musicians, artists, bloggers, publishers, content distributors, and all kinds of media companies, startups and creatives around the globe.

Award Statement in German language:

Der Wortlaut der Jurybegründung:

“Die Content Blockchain ist ein offenes und dezentrales Ökosystem, um digitale Inhalte und Nutzungslizenzen zu verwalten, zu identifizieren und mit ihnen zu handeln. Ein Kernelement ist der International Standard Content Code (ISCC), der vergleichbar mit traditionellen Identifiern aus der Medienwelt wie ISBN, ISSN oder ISRC ist. Ziel ist es, dass der ISCC mit Hilfe einer einfach zu bedienenden Anwendung aus digitalen Inhalten wie etwa Bildern, Texten oder Videos kostenlos und von jedem generiert werden kann. Die Identifier und Lizenzbedingungen sollen auf einer Blockchain, die öffentlich zugänglich und maschinenlesbar ist, eingetragen werden.

Die Jury lobt die Initiative als eines der wenigen Blockchain-Projekte, das einen unmittelbaren Nutzen für die Verlagsbranche bringe. Sollten die Verlage bei dem Projekt mitziehen, sei ein Erfolg sehr wahrscheinlich, außerdem könnte das Angebot den gesamten Markt positiv verändern.”