On its annual meeting on 8 May 2019 in Ottawa, ISO/TC 46/SC 9 decided to accept the International Standard Content Code (ISCC) as a Preliminary Work Item (PWI) and to establish a working group with experts from various countries and media sectors to continue the joint effort to work on a global standard for digital content identification within ISO TC 46/SC 9.

Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, CC BY-SA 4.0, Sebastian PosthLibrary and Archives Canada, Ottawa, CC BY-SA 4.0, Sebastian Posth, ISCC:CYaHPGcucqwe3

Sabine Rüsch has been nominated as Convenor of the newly established working group. Rüsch is also Chairwoman of the working group (NID) NA 009-00-09 AA (Beschreibung und Identifizierung von Dokumenten) at German DIN, who accepted the standardization proposal for the ISCC in January 2019.

The ISCC has been proposed as a generic content identifier for digital media content in different formats across various industries. Like a fingerprint, the ISCC is created from the content file itself. It can be used to identify digital content and support rights management in decentralized media environments on the blockchain as well as in local repositories.

In order to promote the project and to continue the work on the specification, the ISCC Foundation has been set up in Leiden in the Netherlands. Kira Lemke, Titusz Pan and Sebastian Posth will serve as the initial members of the board, which will be extended by further members and industry experts in the future. The ISCC Foundation is an independent international nonprofit organization. It is the purpose of the foundation to develop, promote and support open, interoperable and decentralized content identifier technology for the benefit of all individuals in the creative community as well as media organizations that deal with digital content.

About the ISCC Foundation

The ISCC Foundation is based in Leiden, Netherlands. It is an independent international nonprofit organization to support and promote open, interoperable and decentralized content identifier technology.

Contact information:

Sebastian Posth
info [at] iscc.foundation