Posth Verlag

Please feel free to visit the Posth Verlag and have a look at its publications.

The Posth Verlag is a small e-book and print publisher of titles in the humanities and cultural studies. Historic research on the margins of traditional disciplines, aspects of modern theory of the 20st and 21st century and research about popular culture of the 20st century are a special focus of the Posth Verlag.

The publishing philosophy of the Posth Verlag is best illustrated by a quote from Constantin Constantinus:

Long live the post horn! It is my kind of instrument for many reasons and especially because one can never be certain of coaxing the same note out of this instrument.  For an infinity of possibility resides within the post horn, and the person who places it to his lips and deposits his wisdom in it will never be guilty of repitition. And the person who, instead of making a reply, provides his friend with a post horn, such a person says nothing but explains everything. Long live the post-horn! I is my symbol.

(Sören Kierkegaard: The repitition)

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